The project

SMART (Sustainable Management of Aquaculture through Remote sensing Technology) is a project funded by the European Space Agency, ESA, in the framework of the research programme Innovator III, aimed at promoting the innovative use of satellite data.
The project, led by ACRI-ST, aims at providing remotely sensed Earth Observation products and services to aquaculture industry for site selection, real time monitoring and optimization of husbandry practices. SMART will use data from Medium and High Resolution optical missions and will also exploit data from the presently operating and forthcoming Sentinel missions.
The project will actively involve three end users in Italy, Algeria and Vietnam and will cover shellfish, finfish and prawn farming in coastal areas. More info @ .

Role of Bluefarm

Bluefarm is ACRI-ST subcontractor in SMART.
We will complement the main partner activity by using spatial time series of Sea Surface Temperature and other Ocean Colour variables, such as Chlorophyll a, Secchi Disk, Light Extinction Coefficient, and Particulate Organic Carbon as inputs for a set of models which will allow:
1)   the identification of the most suitable areas for shellfish and fish farming;
2)   the assessment of the environmental impact of shellfish, fish and prawn farms;
3)   the short-term forecasting of shellfish and fish growth rate at specific farming sites.